Photography at the Barry Art Museum

  • The art at the museum is available for public viewing and admiration. Photography is encouraged, however, there are a few rules that we would like you to adhere to.
  • 1. Check-in at the Reception Desk upon entering the Museum before capturing any images.
  • 2. Visitors are welcome to take casual photographs via mobile phone or small digital cameras for personal use only.
  • 3. Flash photography and selfie sticks are not permitted on Museum premises.
  • 4. Personal photographs and videos are not to be used for commercial purposes.
  • 5. Portrait photography of any kind is considered professional photography, even if income is not obtained.
  • 6. Portrait and commercial photography on Museum premises are by appointment only and requires written permission.

Professional photography

Professional photography is any photography for which income is gained; this includes but is not limited to portraiture, wedding, lifestyle, and event photography Professional photography is by appointment only and requests should be directed to the Administrative Offices at 757.683.5111. Graduation photos with a professional photographer are considered “Professional Photography.” Please email your request to Two (2) weeks’ notice is required for all requests: Signed approval must be received before the photo shoot is booked. 

The photography fee:  

  • Individual Membership by the one (1) individual commissioning the photography,  
  • Family Membership is required for two (2) or more individuals to be photographed. 

It is not permitted for a professional photographer to purchase a membership to use with multiple clients. Membership levels are available on the Museum website. Fees are subject to change due to the nature of the request. Please email for more information. 

Professional Photography Rules:

  1. The Barry Art Museum reserves the right to approve the final content for anything in which the Barry Art Museum or its artwork will appear. 
  2. Flash photography, light stands, and tripods are prohibited. 
  3. Do not block the stairway. Be respectful of any visitors going up or coming down the grand staircase and in the galleries. 
  4. Do not carry big bags around in the galleries. Keep them in the front desk area or coat closet. Only take what you need in the different areas in the Museum that you will be photographing. 
  5. Keep at least an arm’s length away from the artwork. Be mindful of where you are in the galleries. 
  6. A staff member must accompany the photo shoot. 

Journalist/Commercial Photography

Journalist/Commercial photography is any photography for publication or promotional use. Requests for photography are by appointment only, contact the Administrative Offices at 757.683.5111. Staff will coordinate dates and times, and issue reproduction forms, including appropriate photo credits for all video production and print publications.

Check-in at the Reception Desk upon entering the Museum is required before capturing any images.