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Hirata Gōyō: The Birth of the Japanese Art Doll

February 10, 2022 - July 31, 2022

This exhibition, the first of its type outside of Japan, explores the evolution of traditional Japanese dolls into Gōyō’s larger vision, that of sōsaku-ningyō or “art dolls.” Using examples drawn from the Barry Art Museum collection and selected borrowings from the Blewis Collection we trace the contours of this transition through the specific lens of the ichimatsu-style doll. Displaying works of master craftsmen in the field, we can trace the transformation of ichimatsu from craft to art, and the stimulus given to the entire genre through Gōyō’s singularly creative vision.


Motion/Emotion: Exploring Affect from Automata to Robots

February 10, 2022 - July 31, 2022

This exhibition will investigate the emotional qualities of automata and robots. It will feature selections from the permanent collection as well as the work of contemporary artists and other lending institutions. By exploring the intersections between art, science, and emotion, we aim to connect the Barry Art Museum’s historical automata to 21st-century interests and concerns.

Museum Of The Moon By Luke Jerram. Greenwich & Docklands Festival, Uk, 2017. Photo By @edsimmons @visitgreenwich (1)

Luke Jerram: Museum of the Moon

October 15, 2021 - October 17, 2021

Museum of the Moon is a large-scale touring installation by British artist Luke Jerram. The luminescent sculpture of the moon features detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. Twenty-three feet in diameter and highly detailed, the Moon was built to an approximate ratio of 1:500,000. Accompanying the installation is a musical composition by award-winning composer Dan Jones. To date, the artwork has been presented in more than 30 countries and experienced by over 10 million viewers. People everywhere have their own distinct relationship to the moon, and yet it connects us all.

Waxing & Waning: A Companion Exhibition to Museum of the Moon

October 1, 2021 - December 1, 2021

Barry Art Museum presents a jewel box companion exhibition to Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon. With Waxing & Waning, we examine views of the moon from the macro and microcosmos alike. The exhibition combines artworks from our own collection alongside works graciously loaned by renowned local artists, The Chrysler Museum of Art, and scientific specimens from the Michael and Kimthanh Lê Digital Theater and Planetarium. 

Etude.12.g.b 01(1)

Karen LaMonte: Théâtre de la Mode

September 9, 2021 - January 2, 2022

For our third changing exhibition, the Barry Art Museum is proud to present Karen LaMonte: Théâtre de la Mode, September 9, 2021, through January 2, 2022. LaMonte is an acclaimed American sculptor living and working in Prague. By freezing a single gesture of a body both clothed and in motion, LaMonte is able to investigate themes of memory, beauty, and loss. A master craftsperson, LaMonte has pioneered complex casting methods across diverse media. At the Barry, we will set the stage with a selection of her astonishing works in cast glass, iron, and bronze.

Exhibition Opening | Friday, Sept 10, 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Reception, remarks, and pop-up performances throughout the Museum.

Free & Open to the Public. RSVP HERE

Raven At Odu

Augmented Reality: Art in the Wild!

May 18, 2021 - August 18, 2021

Three works of art from the Barry Art Museum collection have been unleashed into the wild! Using augmented reality (AR) selected sculptures have been brought to life and are accessible to anyone with a phone. Users can play with scale, read up on information about the art and artist, and view them through a camera app to take pictures and video. Read more about how you can bring these pieces out into nature, view them in your home, and enjoy the ability to enjoy works of art anywhere you are.

Dance Film

Pandemic: Reflecting on a Year of Quarantine

April 1, 2021 - July 1, 2021

The Barry Art Museum presents a selection of artworks that speak to the Covid-19 era. We have all experienced the past year in our own way: isolation, uncertainty, anxiety, loneliness, confinement, illness, mourning. The role of the artist, at its best, can be to dig deep, to research, and to translate our human condition into metaphor and transcendence. Janessa Clark, Peter Eudenbach, Luke Jerram, Anne Neely, and Julia and Robin Rogers are all practiced at doing just this. Focusing on such diverse themes as microbiology, environmentalism, human connection, and macro/microcosmos, their work in our exhibition probes and reflects our shared experiences to make the deeply personal feel universal (and vice versa). Whether these works were made before or after the arrival of the novel coronavirus, they serve to remind us of the essential nature of the arts to recognize, uplift, and inspire our everyday life. Many of these artists have ties to Old Dominion University, and we are proud to present their pieces here as both a marker and a salve for our time under quarantine.

Brett (2)

Orchids: Attraction and Deception

February 4, 2021 - August 1, 2021

The work included in this exhibition ranges widely, mirroring its inspiration – one of the largest and most diverse plant groups on the planet.  From pure botanical fascination to climate change, from historical model-making to the history of collecting and colonization, the ten contemporary artists represented approach the orchid from very different angles. Working in printmaking, sculpture, photography, ceramics, glass, paper, and varied hybrid media, their work is thoughtful, insightful, challenging, and beautiful.

Painting in the Museum By American abstract painter Joan Thorne

Joan Thorne: Light, Layers, Insight

February 1, 2020 - January 3, 2021

The Barry Art Museum is presenting its first temporary exhibition, featuring the complex chromatic work of American abstract painter Joan Thorne. This retrospective, organized by Museum staff, consists of 30 large-scale oil paintings on canvas spanning the artist’s career from the early 1970s to 2018.