Laura Donefer, Crazy Carolyn Amulet Basket, detail

Past Internship Projects


Through collection research, interns develop a personal project that helps to facilitate the public encounter artwork and provide context or meaningful supplemental activities to enhance art appreciation. Possible areas of research include: historical context, personal interest, techniques of making, and hands on engagement. Enjoy these engaging activities, thanks to our brilliant interns of semesters past.

Kayla Cochran, BAM Class of Summer 2021

This cookbook is an accumulation of 25 diverse recipes inspired by various artworks found throughout the Barry Art Museum. Ranging from breakfast meals to tea-time snacks, there’s something for everyone no matter the cooking experience.

Jeannie Owens, BAM Class of Summer 2020

Beyond preserving art and culture, museums transport visitors to a different time and place, taking them on new journeys with each visit. The Barry Art Museum is no different, as each piece in its diverse collection will spark your imagination and feed your interest, as you travel the world with Barry Art. This virtual brochure will act as a gateway to your journey, from exquisite Italian glass sculpture to contemporary abstract painting — introducing you to interesting information along the way. You will begin to make transnational connections as you learn about the art, artist and culture of each piece. From Norfolk, we travel to Murano, Italy; Seattle, Washington; Tokyo, Japan; Tehran, Iran; and return to Norfolk, taking many detours along the way. Just as the Barry Art Museum’s physical location acts as a gateway to Old Dominion University, its collection acts as a gateway to the world, playing an integral role in helping us better understand the world around us.

Kayla Everett, BAM Class of Fall 2020

Ted Ellis’ Writing a New History has found a new home at the Barry Art Museum. The painting questions how we can advance communities of color. The answer…STEAM! [Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, & Math] The self-taught artist, educator and cultural historian, currently serves as the Scholar-in-Residence for Old Dominion University’s College of Arts and Letters. He is working with the Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity (ISRE) to highlight the value of the arts, specifically visual literacy, in efforts to understand the resilience and contributions of African Americans.Click around the work to learn more about this forward-thinking work and its creator, thanks to an exciting new Adobe technology.

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Lauren Hagood, Class of Fall 2020

Explore the Barry Collection in a unique way that encourages a deeper understanding of one of the elements of art [line, color, shape, form, value, space, texture]. Paint-By-Numbers!

Prompt: Mix paint to match the colors across the top of the page and fill in the empty spaces of the picture with the color corresponding to the number in that space.

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Stephanie Hutcherson, BAM Class of Fall 2020

Virtual Tour 2.0
Our Self-Guided, Virtual Tour x GooseChase™ Virtual Scavenger Hunt. To play, download the app and enter our room code: GZVZDQ

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First Floor of Barry Art Museum

Sherkayla Buskey, BAM Class of Fall 2020

Painting of Couple in The Party

Created by Rex Goreleigh, this oil painting is a part of his Migration Series. This painting reflects the everyday hard work and happiness by the workers on the farm.

Prompt: With this background knowledge, reflect back on the year 2020. Think about a time before COVID that you wish you could enjoy again.

Create a visual response. Use any materials that you would like! (Paint, finger painting, watercolor, pen, pencil, crayons, pastels, markers, or color pencils etc. Paper, canvas, or a notebook.) Remember, everyone is an artist! 

Share & Reflect

After you have created your art, upload a photo to this community document to share your art!