The Barry Art Museum will be closed to the public on Wednesday, 11/23 and on Thursday, 11/24. We will reopen at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, 11/25!


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Mars Fest

Barry Art Museum 1075 West 43rd Street, Norfolk

Mars Fest 2022: Second Annual Public Arts Festival at ODU  Join the Barry Art Museum on a voyage to Mars! This fall, the second annual Public Arts Festival at ODU […]


ODU Space Systems Laboratory

This program will provide an insight into Satellite and Space activities at Old Dominion University's Space Systems Lab. As part of the exhibit, a classroom satellite kit will be showcased. […]

NASA STEM Activities

Free hands-on programming courtesy of NASA Langley’s Office of STEM Engagement. Sphero’s (Mars Rover) UV Beads Mars Paper Helicopter Orion’s Launch and Abort 2 (AA2)

Collaborative Robotics & Adaptive Machines Laboratory

Bio-inspired Robots for Martian Exploration Interest in robots?  How about in space?  Featuring bio-inspired robotic crawlers that borrow inspiration from quadrupedal animals like frogs, lizards, elephants, and cats, the applications […]

DesignHer: Works by Contemporary Women Graphic Designers

DesignHer is an exhibition of contemporary graphic design focusing on women practitioners. Highlighting how women have been at the forefront of defining and challenging the conceptions of design, the exhibition […]


This exhibition features selections from hundreds of self-taught artworks in the permanent collection of the Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries.  With many works made from found and repurposed materials, […]

Warehouse of Theatre Outdoor Projections

Come enjoy otherworldly projections of Mars' surface - and other entertaining visions - all along the festival grounds orchestrated by the ODU’s very own artistic team Lee Smith and Katherine […]


The Showmobile by SevenVenues will be parked at the corner of Monarch Way and 45th street.

COVA Brewing Company

COVA Brewing is creating the featured beverage of Mars Fest. Purchase a frosty tallboy of Red Planet Red Lager at the "Black Hole" & "Big Bang" Bars by Aramark on […]

The Last Resort Arcade

Sponsored by ODU Game Design and Development and VMASC, The Last Resort Arcade features Mars, robot, and space-themed video games, alongside VR gaming experiences provided by New World VR.

Selden Market Booths and Retailers

Local retailers hailing from Selden Market appear in our orbit for an out-of-this-world opportunity you don't want to miss!  Here's your chance to take home a piece of Mars Fest.

ODU Geography: Understanding This World, Looking to the Next

ODU's very own Geography Program discuss the geographical techniques utilized for the understanding of Earth, while calling into question how political and environmental interactions influence space exploration.

ODU Society of Physics Students

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) will be showcasing demos and distribute information regarding this exciting club!


Come meet, greet, and explore the Tidewater fandom community!

ODU Writers in Community

Poems about Mars, written by Hampton Roads Elementary School children, will be displayed along the festival grounds in Mars-red chalk!

Jefferson Lab

Fun and exciting science and stem-related activities and information!

ODU Film Program

Lift off to the 2nd floor of the Barry Museum to explore the depths of space through films by ODU filmmakers.  Experience this special collection on display all three days of […]

College of Arts and Letters

Come explore what this exciting ODU program has to offer for prospective students!

Celestial Navigation with Nauticus

Discover how ancient mariners used the stars, sun, and moon to navigate across the seas!  Find out how these tools of the trade are still in use today by gaining […]

Back Bay Amateur Astronomers

Come observe the sky with local astronomers! BBAA members will set up telescopes in front of the TED Center. Corner of Hampton blvd and 43rd St, Norfolk, VA 23508

Chrysler Museum Mobile Glass Studio

It may not be fresh-from-Mars glass, but the Chrysler Museum Mobile Glass Studio will rock your socks off with an astounding presentation on the glass-blowing process!

RED Talk: Storytime with Slover Library

A fun and exciting storytime trip for the whole family!  Sit back, relax, and listen as Slover Library takes you on an adventure fit for the stars.

Red Talk: We Have to Plan-it

In space, no one can hear you scrunch up your face in disgust over inaccessibility, but space will make us all disabled if we are not already. It’s time to […]

Rocky 7

We ARE Rocky 7, a 6-piece band of musical ROCKSTARZ from Hampton Roads (and beyond).  With a repertoire ranging from Black Sabbath and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Janet […]